49 Shades of Hua Hin (Exhibition)


งานแสดงศิลปกรรมบ้านศิลปินหัวหิน โดย นาง-วรรณวิมล เกษางาม
1-29 กันยายน 2561 ณ CASSIA GALLERY BANGKOK

49 Shades of Hua Hin

Nang’s Third Art Solo Exhibition & Art Workshops Cassia Galleries, 2018.

Thanpuying Putrie Viravaidya ~ Master of Opening Ceremonies for Nang ~ (Deputy Principle Private Secretary, Office of His Majesty Principle Private Secretary) will preside over opening ceremonies of Nang’s Third Solo Art Exhibition & Art Workshops at the Cassia Galleries ~ Sept 1st – 29th, of 2018.

Explore the various shades of Nang’s creativity through her art where she presents the simplicity, happiness, different moods & tones from the sky, sea, sand, earth & Nang’s Hua Hin lifestyle. Hua Hin is well-known as a historical beach resort town in Thailand that is full of charm which many people from around the world are falling in love with.

Hua Hin Artist Village

Nang started her artistic life here at the Hua Hin Artist Village 18 years ago. Since then she has created so many wonderful pieces of art & shared her artistic spirit with Thailand and the International Art community also.

Nang’s Artyard

Nang always experiments while creating art works until she finds the real value & beauty in the piece. This art style is the way she looks at things, her surroundings, and world & is reflected in her art. She lives in Hua Hin, but also travels the world, creating her own unique emboldened original art.

Nang has been in love with water color painting for a long time because it is one of the easiest styles to prepare to commence allowing for quick documentation & application of Nang’s many artistic ideas & works. However, many people say that water color is the most difficult painting style & technique, to which she agrees. Anything can be difficult if you think it is difficult, & it can be easy if you think it’s easy. Nang loves to play & dance in water colors. It feels good, fun, fills her with joy & satisfaction.

Nang recently commented on her current artistic inspiration & exhibition

I ask you to come join, play with me, at my 2018 exhibition & workshops. It’s my third solo exhibition experience & my first in the City of Angels, Bangkok. Besides the water color works, I’m also exhibiting acrylic color paintings and techniques, ink drawing, clay works, ceramic works & sculpture. See you in September 2018. Art Workshops including (Watercolor Painting & Drawing) on dates ~ Saturday 8th / 15th / 22nd / 29th of September and everybody is welcome to attend. Grand Opening is on the 1st of September 2018 at 18.00 P.M.

Cassia Gallery ~ www.facebook.com/cassiagallery/
Sukhumvit Soi 31
(Soi Sawasdee) ~ Bangkok.
For more details & booking on Nang workshops and Exhibition ~ Call / Line ID: 0870477125 (Nang)

Email: baansillapinhuahin@gmail.com

Facebook: นาง บ้านศิลปินหัวหิน Nangs Artyard



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