Nang is the only female child of 6 siblings, born in 1969 into a Police family, she later graduated high school in Sakon Nakorn in North Eastern Thailand, majoring in science after which she attended & graduated from Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok.

After being denied entry into the Royal Thai Police because of the inability to swim, & failing accounting exams for business administration she realized her life calling to art with the help of another student at Chulalongkorn. He taught her artistic techniques & encouraged her to pursue a career in Art. She realized her passion for Art & soon became a professional Artist.

After she graduated with a bachelor degree from Chulalongkorn University she discovered various artistic techniques to passionately create art of many kinds. Her ability & talent to share her knowledge in workshops & art events became apparent.

Nangs Artworks from start to present day have been diverse & adaptable. Her talents include Water Color Painting, Acrylic Painting, & Drawing & Sculpture. Nang continues to be inspired & create her art with passion & conviction as she always has.


March ~ ITB Event ~ Berlin, Germany <br />

March ~ Solo Exhibition ~ Chivasom, Hua Hin “Bring your Heart Back” <br />

September ~ Solo Exhibition and Workshop ~ Cassia Gallery, Bangkok

Albania ~ Exhibition ~ “Fatima Nang” <br />

Thessaloniki, Greece ~ “Day Dream” <br />

April ~ Italy ~ Fabriano in Acquarello ~ Exhibition ~ “India Inspire” ~ <br />

July ~ Kosovo, Yugoslavia ~ “Dance with Frangipani” <br />

November ~ Taipei ~ Tenth International Art Exchange Exhibition at the Chan Liu Art Museum

April ~ Italy ~ Fabriano in Acquarello Exhibition ~ “Indian Lady with Pot” ~  <br />

Urbino in Acquarello Exhibition ~  “Gatti” ~  <br />

May ~ Serbia, Yugoslavia ~ Fourth International Water Color Biennial Gallery Exhibition ~ “Indian Woman at the Village” & “Girl” ~  <br />

July ~ Malaysia ~ Second Malaysian International Art Biennale ~ “Friend” & ”White Lotus” ~  <br />

Osaka, Japan ~ 26th Asia Water Color Painting Alliance Exhibition ~ “White Lotus”  <br />

Osaka, Japan ~ The Shinmin Exhibition ~ “Hands by Hand”

March ~ Kolkata, India ~ Art Academy of Fine Arts ~ Exhibition & Workshop <br />

April ~ Italy ~ Fabriano in Acquarello Exhibition ~  <br />

April ~ Heritage Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland ~ “Pray for Nepal” ~ Demarmont Fine Art ~ <br />

December ~ India ~ New Delhi ~ First International Water Color Society India Biennale Exhibition ~ “Pagoda” ~